How to work at home in Ho Chi Minh city on age of Covid 19

We must be working at home at this time?

Recently, to reduce the risk of spread the coronavirus many employees have been left of work or working at home instead of. Saigon becomes empty and slow down. So working from home is the new reality for many Saigon workers. The problem isn’t that you have to work remotely, everyone else in your home is doing the same thing. Your kids aren’t going to school, so everyone sharing a small place at your home from waking up until bedtime. You may only have a little bit of room to spare for workings.  So here are some creative solutions to help make working from home in a small space productive.

1 – Chose your work spot at home.

Stop thinking about other things, let’s looking around your house and chose a perfect space, remember size doesn’t matter.  Viewed from different angles, working from home in a small space is possible.  Moreover, it meets your other requirements event an apartment for rent or you are own of it. In a little more detail, keep in your mind some points below:

  • A comfortable working place, even if it only for a short time.
  • A quiet workplace as much as possible, have natural light is a plus point.
  • A table with a chair or somewhere to sit, with a small plant on it.
  • Have space to put your computer or laptop with an electricity plugged.
  • Must be far away from your bed or television, or other temptations.

2 – Improve and reorganize your working place.

Firstly, working at home need a surface to put your computer on, so where is suitable in case you don’t have an office at home. Normally, we need a table with a chair, if it’s not you prepare to improvise with an intelligent creature. A sofa table is a good surface for your laptop, or event in a dining table or maybe in the top of the cupboard if you don’t mind standing to work. But, make sure to clean up surfaces like these before transforming them into your work-space, and take care of your laptop not fall.

Secondly, keeping the surface of your work-space as cleaning as possible, arrange everything on it with usefully on use. Your space should be all about productivity. Remove distractions, including anything that’s not related to your job. If you’re at the kitchen table, clear off the carpets and anything else associated with the space’s regular use.

Thirdly, remove all of the unnecessary stuff in your dedicated work-space, that help you won’t clutter with work. Make the best use of your working surface as much as possible. Your computer, phone and maybe a small notebook to note or other specifics are all you need.

3 – Take the world out of your work-space.

What is mentioning is that people have many distraction need to rid yourself of when sitting down to work at home. Use headphones if you can’t get away from the noise, with favorite playlist may also help make you more productive. One more thing, don’t open Facebook if your work doesn’t need to connect with.

Change your daytime working become your evening work time if you too busy with your kids and housework. Let’s set up a special schedule where only one adult works at a time. Another way, establish the rule with them in a limited annoyance.

4 – Make it fun and happy at work.

You have a feeling that, work at home is boring and separating from the part of the world but this is wrong thinking. Instances of video conferencing are likely to go up significantly during this time of isolation, so you may add a fun backdrop then. Get creative and move your favorite picture into this view, maybe a lovely scene of your kids on a vacation. Try not to sit in front of a large window, while the shot of nature looks nice, there’s more chance for glare.

Working at home this time helping you survive with the coronavirus and you have no choice. So setting up a workspace, no matter how small, is the key to not only establishing the time to work, that helping you done well your tasks.