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Saigon is other call name of Ho Chi Minh City and it used daily by many Vietnamese or Expat in the south of Vietnam. However, living in Saigon for a long time have you ever made a question ” what is Saigon? “. Why do people only get used to calling Saigon more than the name Ho Chi Minh City ? But instead of answering this question we will answer you other questions about Saigon. How is Saigon? Where is Saigon? Things to do in Saigon? Career opportunities in Saigon? How to find homes in Saigon? And more things surrounding ” Saigon”…

Rental Resource

This is the rental guide in Ho Chi Minh City and other parts in the country for landlord and renter. Investing in rental properties is the best way become a real estate investor with good income for long-term. Investors also get tax incentives and deductions from owning real estate. Rental resource will show you how to start investing in rental properties as a beginner. Other way, this guide also give a connection from the landlord and lessor, understanding each other. With rental’s sharing tips, that useful for home renters know more about properties rental market in Ho Chi Minh city.

Explore Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City has more than 300 years of history, with a lot of cultural colors in the most of southern regions of Vietnam. Expats arriving to Saigon for any purpose, work or travel realize that the city is packed with a thousand entertainment options and caters for all kinds of budgets and interests. Travelers can do shopping a long the street with many kinds of business, from couture clothing, books, pictures or local handicrafts products,… Or they can sit back and relax by a cup of coffee in the roadside coffee shops with the street-view. Moreover, we want to guide you about Saigon’s destinations with unique on cultural and cuisine.

Discover Vietnam

Vietnam is a S-shaped country located in the center of Southeast Asia in the east of the Indochinese peninsula. At the north face to China, the west face to Laos, Cambodia and the east face to East Sea and Pacific Ocean. Vietnam have a long coastline with 3260 km and has many beautiful beach, and the land boundary is 4510 km. Vietnam have tropical monsoon climate, almost in the S-shaped country have 4 seasons ( Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ). With a thousand of lovely landscapes and historical sites there are the destinations of many tourists come to discover Vietnam.

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