Discover District 2 – The beautiful landscape in the East of Ho Chi Minh city


Many visitors discover District 2 and realize that this neighborhood is a beautiful landscape in Ho Chi Minh city. This district famously with many houses, villas, apartments and condos for rent with modern decoration in a green landscape. There are also lots of extremely interesting places for young people in Saigon. Moreover, District 2 also opens and welcomes every visitor with a lot of activities, cuisine, special culture and lovely destinations. Here welcoming visitors by delicious restaurants, chic cafes and hot hangout spots.

Where to eat ? – Top of best restaurants in District 2 Ho Chi Minh city.

District 2 is often known as the Expat neighborhood because of the variety of cultures and cuisine here. These are restaurants with large garden space in here with lots of green trees, river view and fresh air. Not only that, but the menu of these restaurants is also very delicious.

explore district 2 Ho Chi Minh city

1 – The Snap Cafe & Restaurant – Special cuisine place in Thao Dien area district 2.

Snap is a great place for the family on weekends or dinners! Diners can come here to enjoy the food, the drinks and the atmosphere in the restaurant. Staff friendly and very quick service, have a playground for kids, quite for your family on Weekends. Snap Cafe & Restaurant doesn’t disappoint with their offerings. Although mostly an international menu which also includes Thai or Vietnamese dishes, but their western dishes are the hit.

The Snap Cafe & Restaurant

  • Price range: 100,000 – 250,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 32 Tran Ngoc Dien street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

2 – An Cafe & Restaurant – Vietnamese cuisine in the ancient place.

A Cafe & Restaurant have the luxury according to the ancient style, surrounding with an airy garden and airy atmosphere. The layout of the seats is quite rustic make diners feeling cozy and closed. Drinks and dishes so delicious with reasonable prices, staffs friendly and gently. The food here is inspired by Vietnamese cuisine and upgraded to a new level, very good quality.

An Cafe & Restaurant

  • Price range: 50,000 – 150,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 10 Tran Ngoc Dien street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

3 – BBQ Plan-K – Korean barbecue cuisine in Thao Dien area.

Amid a variety of grilled and hotpot restaurants grows in district 2 with a diverse and attractive style, BBQ Plan-K is always the best choice for customers whenever they want to enjoy the quality food, delicious taste in a beautiful and pleasant space. Meat is fresh and taste good with reasonable price and good service.

BBQ Plan-K restaurant

  • Price range: 50,000 – 300,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 14-A5 Thao Dien street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

4 – Bui Garden Restaurants – The restaurant with healthy Vietnamese dishes.

Bui Garden welcome diners with spacious and comfortable, as a place for you to temporarily away from the crowded and rushed of Saigon. Moreover, the opening architecture and the harmony of green trees and space gives you a sense of relaxation. In particular, the restaurant’s dishes use natural ingredients to bring to customers many Vietnamese delicious dishes.

Bui Garden Restaurants

  • Price range: 150,000 – 250,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 55A – 55B Ngo Quang Huy street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

5 – Lac Thai 7 Restaurant – Discover Thai cuisine in a romantic space.

Lac Thai 7 is a restaurant with an outdoor garden space that serves the delicious cuisine from Thai dishes. Coming here, you will enjoy Thai dishes made from famous Thai chefs with more than 20 years of experience. With a large space with impressive architecture, Lac Thai 7 is a genius combination of modern inside space and airy garden space.

Lac Thai 7 Restaurant

  • Price range: 150,000 – 250,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 48 Bis Xuan Thuy street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

6 – Pendula Garden – Garden and pool party restaurant.

Pendula Garden serves Asian and European dishes, which is an address of rest, relaxation, fun and eating very interesting. It has scenery so quiet and peaceful, with luxurious garden space. That is a perfect place for family at the weekend or a great place to book for a party or company guests party.

Pendula Garden restaurant and resort

  • Price range: 250,000 – 500,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 53 Quach Giai street, Thanh My Loi ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

7 – Bistro Song Vie – The Romantic Haven and experience the Taste of Artisan.

Bistro Song Vie, the right place for your family party, celebration with romantic haven place and unique cuisine. Enjoy Vietnamese, Asian and Western cuisine paired with wine and cocktails at the romantic and perfect dine distancing by the Saigon river. It is perfect for early morning breakfast, casual lunch, romantic evening, wedding, corporate party and meeting.

Bistro Song Vie restaurant

  • Price range: 50,000 – 500,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 197/2 Nguyen Van Huong street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

8 – Trois Gourmands – French cuisine in Ho Chi Minh city.

Trois Gourmands is one of the long-established French restaurant in Saigon. Diners bring friends here to enjoy very nice French cuisine and the Villa atmosphere. A lovely romantic restaurant, outside view is, of course, more beautiful, more romantic with a small pool and oil lamp.

Trois Gourmands

  • Price range: 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND / person.
  • Address: 39 Tran Ngoc Dien street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

Place to go? – Relaxing places suitable for your free time.

1 – The Blog Complex.

The Blog Complex is a destination for shopping and cuisine in Thao Dien area, district 2, Saigon. It opened in 2018 and now become a popular spot for young people in Saigon. Visitors also come here to enjoy the open space with green trees and a peaceful atmosphere.

The BLOG district 2

Address: 15 Nguyen U Di street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

2 – The Factory Contemporary Art Center.

The Factory takes the typical design of containers, spending most of the space inside for art galleries. This place open for all visitors to come to spend time with art galleries, discover the culture and relax.

The Factory Contemporary Art Center

Address: 19 Tran Ngoc Dien street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.

3 – Saigon Outcast – The Western Complex on Thao Dien.

Leave the bustle of Saigon city center and enjoy a great weekend in Saigon Outcast isn’t a bad idea. It’s stay right in the center of Thao Dien green landscape, next to the Saigon River. Looking through the entire Saigon Outcast, you will also see the mixture of many different cultures.

Saigon Outcast

Address: 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong street, Thao Dien ward, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city.