Breaking lease contract in Vietnam – Everything to know ?

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Breaking the lease contract early has costly consequences and no lessor wants to lose the security deposit, but life surprises us sometimes. There are many reasons put you in this situation, and breaking a lease can be both time-consuming and expensive. Whether you’re moving cross country with your significant other, just finding out your dream job in another state, or are dealing with a family emergency, there are times when breaking your lease is necessary.

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Important things must do before breaking a lease contract in Vietnam.

1 – Review carefully your lease agreement again.

Before making an important decision, take a look again you lease agreement carefully. Because leases often contain complex legal information so make sure how you can read it and understand. The lease should specify situations about contract termination before it expired, as well as any consequences you may face in terms of monetary penalties. Understanding the terms of your lease will help you communicate more effectively with your landlord or property manager and hopefully end your rental agreement on good terms.

read carefully your lease contract before breaking
Read carefully your lease contract before breaking

2 – Seek legal advice from a professional rental agency or lawyer.

But frankly speaking, the act of breaking a lease isn’t as simple as signing an agreement or handing back your keys to your landlord. If your landlord is being hard, it might be time to reach out to a lawyer to solve the problem. If you aren’t sure how to begin seeking professional help, you can ask professional rental agencies, they might be able to help by their experience.

2 – Make sure your decision and contact with the landlord.

Keep in mind that breaking a lease contract could turn into a time-consuming and expensive process. And if you might want to decide that breaking the agreement is your best choice, you should open communication with your landlord. Try to contact your landlord as soon as possible by phone, official email and explain clearly your situation. There might be a simple agreement that benefits both of you. In this case, you’ll likely end up paying something like the remainder of your rent for the current period.

In Vietnam, the renter has to inform to the landlord before moving out at least three weeks to one month in advance. By doing this note also give to landlord have time to prepare the money for your deposit. They will appreciate this from you and it can make things easier when you negotiate with them in case of any damages or breakages in furniture in the house, or any exceptions arose for the term of the lease.

3 – Fine another person to replace by subletting or transferring the lease contract.

The most common option for getting around breaking your lease is subletting. Have the easiest way to break the agreement without pay the rest of the rental if the terms of your lease or your landlord allow you to sublet to another person. To process this, let’s ask your friends living in this neighborhood maybe they searching homes at this time. Moreover, you can post your situation on social networks to open up more channels.

In particular, when you can find a new tenant, let’s make an appointment to introduce them to the landlord. An important point is that you must be switched your name on the lease agreement to the new occupy.  And your security deposit refund back not fully because you need to pay for house damages.

Anyway, subletting an apartment isn’t the easiest process to go through, but it’s more common than you might think. If the house located in a high demand for expatriates or convenient urban neighborhoods, it’s easy to get new occupy.

Expectations bring to when breaking the rental contract

  1. There is no denying that, duration of processing break a lease you will know about the tenant rights in Vietnam. It’s a helpful experience for you to be to thoroughly check and over recheck the next lease contract before signing.
  2. Anyway, this is the most common ways to legally break a lease agreement, your neighborhood may have additional exceptions that expand beyond these situations. We encourage you to investigate expectations for your specific local. The more informed you are about your situation, the better equipped you’ll be to break your lease agreement.
  3. Moreover, every lease is different, so it’s important to read carefully before sign it. Find out what’s allowed. What you’ll be responsible for doing before move-out. Know how much you’ll have to pay to break your lease or sublet it.

Finally, while there are a lot of ways that go into breaking a lease. The best thing you can do is fully understand the terms of your lease and communicate effectively with your landlord. Whether you choose to wait the lease passed, sublet your house, or officially break your lease, we wish you the best of luck and have a good time when living in Vietnam!